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What is TDS in drinking water?

What is TDS in drinking water?

TDS…TDS controller..TDS Count.. These are the terms you would have been heard when you were searching for an RO water purifier or when you buy a water purifier you should have been definitely heard about TDS. Let us see what TDS is in detail.

TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. The levels of TDS in the water determines whether the water is hard water or soft water. It refers to the total concentration of dissolved substances or particles in water. TDS can analyze inorganic salts and even a tiny amount of organic substances. Inorganic salts are cations like calcium, potassium, and sodium and anions like nitrates, bicarbonates, chlorides, and sulfates. The TDS level is how much of the total dissolved solids are present in the water. By finding the TDS levels it helps to find the best water purifier which suits your water condition.

TDS Levels for drinking water:

Generally, high-level TDS content in the water is unfit and very harmful for drinking.

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TDS level chart:

TDS in Water (PPM)Condition
Between 50-150Excellent
300-500Poor and harmful
Above 1200Not allowed

TDS level 50-150 PPM is considered as the best water for drinking.

Benefits of TDS in drinking water:

The water we drink today is not purified as we want. It is filled with dissolved impurities. For choosing the right RO water purifier it is important to check the TDS levels. TDS levels help in finding,

  1. Taste of the water: high TDS denotes the water is contaminated, salty, and bitter tasty water.
  2. Health: The drinking water with high TDS affects the health of your family. Generally, high TDS water content has more copper and lead dissolved substances which affects health.
  3. Cooking: High TDS is a bad condition for cooking since it includes a bitter taste. It spoils your food which your cook.

Therefore it is very important to check the TDS levels of your water.

Hope you understand the importance of the TDS in drinking water.

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