Understanding what is RO vs UV vs UF in water purifier?

Understanding what is RO vs UV vs UF in water purifiers?

Drinking pure water becomes the most challenging task. Today the current situation people started using water purifiers for water filtration. Before buying a water purifier it is most important to know about the terms RO, UV, and UF. These terms are most commonly used in the water purifier these are nothing but the filtration methods. All three filtration methods need a periodical water purifier RO service to serve purifier water always. Now let us see in detail the three filtration methods.

What is RO?
RO stands for Reverse Osmosis. RO water purifier filtration filters and removes the bacteria and viruses from the water. Generally, the impure water contains Total Dissolved Solids [TDS] that is water is filled with deadly harmful dissolved substances like lead, copper, sodium, etc. RO water removes all these dissolved solids and results in the purified drinking water. TO run RO we need electricity on the power consumption only RO can work efficiently.  There should be high pressure in water for that external pump will be installed. One big advantage of using RO is it completely removes all the impurities from the water and retains the purified water. RO water purifier is manufactured with 0.0001-micron-sized membrane to remove the impurities and give 100% drinking water. It also enhances the water taste.

What is UV?
UV stands for Ultra Violet filtration. UV water purifiers are economically cheap and they do not need any extra pressure they can work in normal tap water pressure. UV water purifier work with the help of electricity the ultraviolet rays kills the bacteria and virus in the water. There are a lot of disadvantages to UV standalone water purifier, it does not filter the dead bodies of the bacteria, viruses, and other dissolved solid impurities instead it just kills deadly particles and the residue remains in the water.

What is UF?
UF stands for Ultra Filtration. UF water purifier is also similar to the RO water purifier. But it is a basic model it is not with advanced RO technology. UF water purifier does not require electricity and water pressure. It works with normal water pressure. It also contains semi-permeable membranes the size of the membrane is just 0.01 micron therefore it does not filter tiny deadly particles. In combination with a UV filter, it can remove bacteria and viruses. The TDS control is 0%. It gives partially purified water with the dissolved solids. UF purification is a natural process it does not adds any chemicals to enhance the taste of the water it just removes the bacteria and viruses.

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