Checklist to consider before buying a water purifier

Checklist to consider before buying a water purifier

In our day today’s life drinking purified water becomes the most challenging task. In the previous decade, we used to drink well water, bore water with homemade purifications preached by our grandparents like boiling water up to 100 degrees, purifying water using alum stone [padikaram]. But in today’s fast-moving world people do not have time to follow all the above steps to drink filtered water. So we started to adapt to RO water. Some people are facing failures in the usage of RO due to various reasons. This is because of improper guidance on choosing the water purifier or failing to see the prior steps before purchasing the RO.

There are different types of water purifiers like UV, RO, and UF with different steps of filtration. Purifying water deals with removing impurities, contamination, the smell of the water, adding chemical agents, sedimentation electricity consumption, and many more. Let’s see the important points to consider before buying a RO. 

buying RO water purifier

  1. Check the Quality of the water:

Most of the homes are supplied with hard water and impurities. The initial step is to check the TDS before purchasing the water filter. TDS is total dissolved solids in the water which contain inorganic salts like, sodium, chlorine, potassium, sodium, etc. The TDS levels help to choose the right purifier. The reverse osmosis water purifier contains a filtration membrane that removes all the impurities and gives the 100% purified water.

  1. Contamination in Water:

water contamination

The 100% pure water in this world is very impractical. What are the contaminants or impurities found in drinking water? Let us see some of the impurities in water and what the causes of it are.

 Aluminum: The source of aluminum is from rock and soil contamination. Which is deadly harmful for the liver affected patients and children.

Lead: This contamination is due to the lead particles obtain from the plumbing fixtures when water flowing through the corrosive metals. Lead causes neural problems for old age people and young children.

Copper:  Copper mixes in water due to industrial wastes, corrosion on plumbing materials, and copper salts used for algae control. Copper contamination water causes gastrointestinal diseases, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

Before buying a water purifier it is mandatory to check the contamination in water based on that you can choose the right Aquaguard RO water purifier 

  1. Water Force:

ro installation

 Another important factor that should be considered while booking a water purifier is the pressure or force of the water flow. Generally, the RO system needs high water flow so that it can work without any interruption. This water flow depends upon the elevation of the building. For better water flow external RO pumps can also be attached. If the water flow is not good the working of the RO will be affected so it is important to consider the water pressure. 

  1. Electricity Consumption:

 Electric power plays a major role in using water purifiers. Most of the people think water purifier consumes more electricity but it is not like that. Generally, RO consumes less energy the UV filter produces ultraviolet radiation which removes the bacteria and other viruses. RO requires electricity for the membrane filtration and high water pressure. The RO, UV, UF works with help of electricity, it removes mostly deadly TDS and gives you 100% purified drinking water.

These are the checklist should be considered before buying a water purifier.

You can avail the best water purifier by checking all the above factors from the best Aquaguard RO Service in Chennai.



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