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The best way to get purified water for healthy family is to install RO water purifier.  By installing aquaguard ro water purifier in your home or office you get 99.99% pure drinking water without any contamination and impurities. RO installation ensures your health and leads you a happier life. It is recommended to install your aquaguard ro with the expert technician; and we make your task easier.  Here are some steps will be followed will the RO installation, they are 1. Preparing RO installation, 2. Assembling the RO filter, 3. Fixing the RO membrane, 4.  Positioning the filter tap, 5. Assembling the filter tank, 6. Fixing the filter compartment, 7. Assembling the pipes. For installing RO Service contact us.

RO installation

To get pure and clean water always it is important to service and maintain your RO on periodic intervals. On repairing and servicing the water purifier it helps to prolong the lifetime of the RO. And also on servicing your water filter the RO system can maintain the same good taste of the water always. Hence it is important to service the water purifier at regular intervals. Our technical team is highly experienced to handle all RO models and brands service within hours. We provide 3 sets of plans of servicing they are, 1. Bronze plan, 2. Silver plan, 3. Gold plan all these plans has wide offers. Contact us immediately and grab your service plan. For Aquaguard service chennai contact us. aquaguard water purifier, aquaguard water purifier price, aquaguard water filter, aquaguard ro water purifier, aquaguard customer care, aquaguard service centre number, aquaguard water purifier service,  ro water purifier, aqua water purifier, aquaguard ro, aquaguard water filter, water purifier service

ro maintenance

RO system has multiple stages of filtration to remove the impurities from the water. The membrane used in the water purifier removes the salt content from the water and adds good taste to the water. The clean pure water is obtained by passing the water into different filtering channels to remove the contamination. This is why the maintenance of the RO is very important, if we do not follow the regular maintenance of the water purifier there is a chance of getting filters damaged or you won’t be getting the pure filtered water. Maintaining and cleaning the membranes is highly prior to ensure that you are getting clean, pure and tasty drinking water. We provide various plans for RO maintenance. Gold plan, silver and bronze plan choose yours.

ro exchange

Your RO has become older, filters are damaged, tap is leaking don’t worry we provide great exchange offers. This is the right time to exchange your old water purifier with the new one and save money. Replace your existing water purifier with the new one. Try online shopping buy aquaguard purifier for home.