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5 Tips To Save Water At Home Wisely

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Water is the most important thing in the world. We are in a situation that must save water for our future generation.

Here we can see the tips to save water at home:

Turn off the tap when you are brushing

  • while you are brushing stop the water
  • After brush your teeth you can open the tap
  • The in between gap you can save the water

Don’t wash dish in running water

  • Dish washing takes more water in daily routine
  • So you can clean your dish with filled bucket water
  • We don’t know how much water we wasted while dish washing
  • you can use the remaining water in the bucket to garden

Wash your clothes at full loaded

  • Don’t run your washing machine at half loaded
  • It will waste water double time
  • So always run your washing machine at full loaded

Don’t full flush toilet

  • If you full flush all the time the water will waste
  • So don’t use full flush all the time
  • Some time use half flush

Slow your shower

  • Because we don’t know how much water we use in shower
  • So mostly you can use bucket water to bath
  • You can slow the shower while you bathing


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