RO Water Purifier VS Filled Can Water

RO Water Purifier VS Filled Can Water

RO Water Purifier VS Filled Can Water

n today’s fast moving world people have lots of confusion on choosing the right mode of drinking water. Some people buy filled can water for their family and some of them buy RO water purifier. Let us see in detail what the benefits are in both.

What is meant by filled can water?

Filled can water is drinking water which is filled in the bottles or cans sealed and sold. These cans are said to be purified and filled in factories and dispatched to the dealers. Once reaching the dealers the cans are distributed to the shops and from the shop it reaches the customer. The average time taken from the factory to reach people is 25 days.

Do you think these pre packed filled bottles on average 25 days before are good for health? Yes, we have to think before buying. These filled cans are said to be filtered and purified and they are also certified by the industry no doubt in that.

Whenever you need to drink water. You need to buy the filled can from the shop or you order online also. The capacity of the filled can is about 20 Liters. And an average cost of the filled can should customer spend on buying is INR 35.00 this price does not include the shipping charges and differ in every areas.

What is meant by RO water purifier?

In recent times, most of the people started using RO water purifier, thanks for the various advantages available in the water purifier. The best water purifier is completely purified without any contamination, does not remove the minerals in addition it adds necessary minerals to the purified water.

RO water purifier is filters the water through various stages of filters and membranes. And the power consumption is also very low. Latest water purifier includes advanced technologies like TDS, RO, UV and UF. It is very much portable, compact and fits our household kitchen. You can find here affordable aquaguard RO. The minimum storage capacity is from 9literes.

Before choosing the water purifier for your home or office call our technician aquaguard tollfree 18008918244/18008918344 check the quality of your water say TDS value. Based on the TDS you can choose the right water purifier which is fulfill your needs.


Both filled can water and the RO water purifier purifies the water and gives us drinking water. Only thing we have to see is how it is purified and what the quality of purification is. For this the right answer is RO water purifier. We can see directly how it is purified and instantly we can get the purified water which is not possible in the pre filled water cans. I recommend to choose the right water purifier from here: Siggma Aquaguard RO Service Chennai

My maintaining your RO periodically you can get healthy purified water. Avail the RO service offer at just Rs149/-





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