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Is RO Water Good For Health?

Is RO Water Good For Health?

Most of them have this question in mind, and not able to find the right solution does RO water is good for health? There is a myth that drinking RO water or purified water is not good health because it to have good taste chemicals are added, it is removing all the minerals, and so on. Yes, it is just a myth. To say in simple these myths are dumped on people’s minds it is just a marketing strategy to degrade one product to enhance the other product. Then what is the truth? Let’s see now.

How do the RO works?

RO water purifier removes the impurities from the water like sediments, chlorine, and other particles with the filter. Once it filters then the water is forced to enter into a semipermeable membrane where the dissolved solids are removed. Total dissolved solids are impurities like lead, copper, sodium, etc. these TDS are deadly harmful to human beings. The semipermeable membrane is with 0.0001-micron thickness so that it does not allow any deadly particles in the water. After this water passes through the post filter to polish and exits as pure drinking water. This is the basic work of the RO water filter. Each RO water purifier has different stages of filtration.

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RO water purifier does not add any chemicals it only removes the bacteria, virus, and dissolved solids. By drinking pure water only enhances your health and family health. So don’t hesitate to order your water purifier right now.

For obtaining pure and clean water always it is important to service your water purifier periodically. So do not fail to service your water filter. For Aquaguard RO service call toll-free 18008918244 / 18008918344

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